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For those of you that have a gameplay question about our beta copy of NBA 2K6, please ask them in this thread, found in our NBA 2K Forum.

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# 1 banks2531 @ 09/26/05 08:24 PM
do you think nba 2k6 is better than nba live 06 overall? What is the best gameplay improvement that makes this game standout from the past versions? Thanks
# 2 Vast @ 09/26/05 08:34 PM
are the foul calls realistic? Are they called in the right situations that look like real fouls have occured? For example when a layup or dunk is attempted and you go up for a vicious or hard block what is the probability of foul committed in that play?
# 3 oogloo1 @ 09/26/05 08:37 PM
whenz the roster cut-off date?
do they have a multi-player season mode where all teams be in a fantasy draft?

is the commentating any better?

overall is the game better than live?

is 24/7 mode styll boring?
# 4 tcain80 @ 09/26/05 08:46 PM
How is the off-the-ball movement..as in do players move around better than last year and work for the open shot without having to run a play?

Have you found any aspect to be particularly unbalanced?..Such as isomotion to overpowering or too many inside shots by cpu?

Last, how fluid does the shot stick feel?..Do you think people are going to use it or is it more like a gimmick?

Thank You!
# 5 GoDsSoN770 @ 09/26/05 08:53 PM
wut are the most noticable flaws and glitches?
# 6 The Princ3 @ 09/26/05 08:58 PM
Can you list five things you most hate about the game, that you think can be improved on? To go along with that can you name five things that just make you love the game?

I appreciate you taking your time doing this. Thanks.
# 7 g2ba13 @ 09/26/05 09:22 PM
How realistic are the ally-oop situations?
Does this game feel like a simulation or is the A.I. for the rest of the team not very good?
How effective is it to call plays and does the A.I. execute them well?
Can you actually notice a difference between the moves of perimeter players (i.e. Kobe) versus those of post players (i.e. Duncan)?

# 8 Street Novelist @ 09/26/05 10:25 PM
I've seen a couple videos of Billups dunking in transition do you find that kind of over the top...since Billups doesn't dunk very much not saying he can't dunk. Just do players like Billups or Iverson who can dunk but rarely do dunk like that all the time in transition?

Also how has the post defense changed this year?
# 9 Steve_OS @ 09/26/05 10:30 PM
Q&A session is over, good night. Enjoy the game tomorrow! Let us know your impressions of the game.

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