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  • MotoGP 3 (9/10)
    "It's safe to say that MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology still has the quality of a great motorcycle racing game. The solid gameplay is still intact. The graphics are as impressive as ever. The animation is smooth and consistent. While the controls may take time in getting used to, it's good to know that the game's AI is not overwhelming. Fine-tuning your bike is hassle-free for the most part, which takes out the frustration of dealing with the complicated gear ratios. In the audio front, the sound effects are convincing enough, from the engine noise to on-field ambiance."
  • Burnout Revenge (9/10)
    "Overall, Burnout Revenge is a very impressive racing game that is filled with high-speed thrills and engaging crash sequences. The handling is surprisingly very smooth despite the significant amount of activities happening onscreen. Not only that but also the game loads a lot faster! The visual presentation is the best yet in the Burnout series with nicely detailed backgrounds and amazing special effects. The audio remains upbeat and adrenaline pumping. The only gripe we have is the AI, which can be a bit cheap at times. The online experience is great for the most part but you have to deal with unlocking cars you already have access to offline."

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