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Gaming Target has posted their review of Burnout Legends, giving it a 9/10.
"If the objective was to bring Burnout goodness to the PlayStation Portable without sacrificing too much, Criterion and EA pulled it off pretty well with Burnout Legends. Cramming all the cars, events, options, and even a large soundtrack into one UMD is nothing short of masterful, providing exactly what the PSP needs to grow games designed to be played in spurts, yet as massive as the same sort of game on the home systems. The visuals are decidedly 1st generation PSP, and the sense of speed has dropped a bit, and the presence of the earlier titles pre-Burnout 3 is minimal, but otherwise Legends is a great game that captures what made Burnout 3 such a phenomenon last year, only for on-the-go gamers, who now can create chaos riding the bus, or the train...even a plane. But please, don't play Burnout Legends while actually driving your car."

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