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  • NBA '06 (PSP - 8.3/10)
    "Overall, NBA 06 is a very satisfying basketball simulation for the PSP. The quick gameplay, stellar animation, improved graphics, better AI and addition of more minigames make it a very compelling package. The top-notch online multiplayer implementation is also appreciated. Nonetheless, the actual gameplay is still pretty simplistic and more varied plays would be welcomed."
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 (GC - 9/10)
    "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 features a number of changes that may or may not have too much influence on you. Nonetheless, itís nice to know that the developers are continually working on improving the game. A superior golfing system and good presentation, largely because of the detailed create-a-player tool make Tiger Woords PGA Tour 06 an easy recommendation."
  • Madden NFL 06 (PSP - 8.6/10)
    "Madden NFL 06 is the first football game on the PSP, and it gets a lot of things right. Like with any franchise, there is room for improvement but for now, Madden on PSP is definitely recommended to football fans."

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