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The official rFactor website has some information about their upcoming patch.
"Here is a quick list of some of the things we are currently working on and hope to provide shortly in our first rFactor update.
Reduced video memory usage, and automatic texture reduction if video memory is filled to capacity. An in-game usage meter is also provided.
Many graphics optimizations including shadows and headlights. Go ahead, try Max Shadow Detail.
Basic administrator features for the dedicated server. Additional features in future updates.
New information displayed in Replay Fridge (driver names, lap times, speed, etc.).
New expanded and accurate results files which will be compatible with RaceCast XML parsers.
Much reduced tendency for AIs to rear end the player, and many other AI improvements. They have been given a firm warning about their recent behavior.
Blue flag and full-course yellow improvements and changes.
In-game field of view (FOV) option.
Improved online play including additional collision checks to prevent remote vehicles from appearing to go through walls., most notable at Joesville and the rFactor 400.
New track layout: Sardian Long, a very challenging city course that requires patience to allow the rhythm of the circuit to unfold. Requires stamina.
Tons of bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements."

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