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  • L.A. Rush (PS2 - 59/100)
    "In the end, L.A. Rush’s attempt to bridge the gap between its roots and the popular racers of today fails to live up to the expectations of either camp. Players looking for the Rush series they grew up on in the arcades will come away disappointed at this game’s inability to offer consistent high flying races, while fans of games like Midnight Club 3 who are looking for the next big underground racing game will no doubt find Rush’s take on the subgenre amateurish at best."
  • NBA Live 06 (PS2 - 88/100)
    "After a bunch of lackluster performances, NBA Live 2006 steps up and drains a last second three-pointer to win the game. This is the best offering EA has created in many years. The gameplay isn’t perfect, but the addition of superstar moves makes it extremely entertaining. Players who are looking for a realistic basketball experience should look elsewhere, however, for while the game isn’t an arcade-style sports game, it is also far from a simulation."
  • Gripshift (PSP - 85/100)
    "Platform Publishing’s other recent hybrid title for the PSP (“Frantix”) may not have hit all the notes it could have, but playing GripShift gives the impression that this is nearly as good as a puzzle platform driving action game could get. Improved handling would certainly increase its worth, but it’s a worthy purchase as is."

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