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SyncGaming has the scoop.
"Electronic Arts announced today that NFL Head Coach (working title) will be available in stores in spring 2006, under the EA SPORTS brand. NFL Head Coach is in development in Orlando, Fla. by EA Tiburon, makers of other NFL properties including Madden NFL Football and NFL STREET. The new exclusive deal with the NFL has allowed EA to build this franchise and work with all coaches in the NFL Coaches Club."

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# 1 Pratt75 @ 10/17/05 07:54 AM
Wow, this kind of came out of nowhere and sounds very interesting. I am looking forward to more details on this.
# 2 soxboy7 @ 10/17/05 08:05 AM
yeah, can't wait to hear more
# 3 PdiddyPop @ 10/17/05 09:58 AM
Now the people that don't actually play Madden for the football; have a game for their own.
# 4 XboxRocks1991 @ 10/17/05 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by PdiddyPop
Now the people that don't actually play Madden for the football; have a game for their own.
So sad but yet so true.
# 5 ehh @ 10/17/05 01:21 PM
So this is what the exclusive licensed era is going to bring?

First 2K makes two baseball games six months apart, now EA will do the same with football. Interesting, hopefully both companies will put their full effort into each game and make it worthwhile and not some half-assed game they just throw on the shelves and hope it'll sell.
# 6 Rickster101 @ 10/17/05 04:15 PM
Well I gota give credit to these guys for steppin' up and finally reconizing the void left between trying to please us "Hardcore" gamers and the casual user,for years EA has put both partys at odds with one another now after all this time they're actually gonna "Do it" and its about time I'm sure that the Madden vets here will welcome this newst addtion to the family as something thats actually "New" other then having to play a fantastic and rewarding game as found in "Front Page Sports" Football series if they can manage to reach that platform of NFL coaching then its possible they are serious and want to be taken as a true inovator in the world of cyber sports but the expectations are great indeed to pull of such a lofty game expectation so for the moment I'll reserve my comments until I've seen more articles on this recent news development and follow its progress,from this article it does sound rather intriguing though.

Holla Back y'all

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