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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (9/10)
    "PES5 is very much an "and how!" kind of game. It hasn't pandered to the majority. The bar for entry into the Master League hasn't dipped - indeed, the only noticeable reflection of its increased stature is that it licenses more players than ever - including a couple of English teams, Arsenal and Chelsea - and is as up to date squad-wise as any new version has been. Where before it could be distilled and fell into patterns quite easily, it's closed ranks - only by picking the right players, looking after them and putting them to their best use, can you win on higher levels, or against the best players."
  • SSX On Tour (8/10)
    "SSX On Tour's undeniably a good game, then, but one that demands all sorts of arguably's and plenty of clarification. It's hard to see where else it can go now - it's such a maxed-out game, demanding everything of everyone to some degree, and demanding literally everything of the PS2 Dual Shock (to the extent that it'll inevitably suffer a bit on other pads). Short of binding some hitherto unimaginable brilliance to the Select button, or making fundamental changes to the way you control your snowboarder, it's hard to guess what the inevitable SSX5 will do."

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