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  • Amped 3 Interview (X360)
    TeamXbox: "Amped 2 didnít have an overwhelming following on Xbox Live, but they were a devout group. What can we expect as far as Xbox Live features in Amped 3?"
    Matthew Seymour: "Yes, a lot of people loved us on Xbox Live last time, but in retrospect not many played online that much. Unfortunately, due to time restrictions and wanting to be there at launch, we werenít able to implement any type of online multiplayer gameplay, ride mode, etc. Youíll be rated (bronze, silver, and gold) on how you complete each challenge and these statistics will immediately be uploaded to the Xbox Live leaderboard. Itís real easy to see where you rank amongst the world on these 200 challenges; itís there when you enter the challenge, when you complete it, or you can access a separate menu to check additional info."
  • Madden NFL 06 New Hi-Res Media (X360)
    "One of the titles that many gamers are looking forward to is the next-generation of the Madden NFL franchise. Featuring all new models, hi-resolution textures, and a 30 year franchise mode, Madden NFL 06 is certainly going to draw the attention of gamers on launch day."

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