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HVO Devoted Gamers have posted an interview with Gabriel Law, Producer of Ultimate Baseball Online.
HVO Devoted Gamers: "UBO could rightfully be considered an MMORPG because you are able to upgrade your player, by earning points playing games, how does this work?"
Gabriel Law: "The character is assigned 7 distinct body characteristics: Speed, Body Strength, Quickness, Stamina, Arm Strength, Throwing Accuracy, Catching Range. These characteristics, or Parameters, are personalized each time a character levels up. There are a maximum of 99 levels in UBO and each time a player progresses to the next level, he/she is given 3 Parameter Points. Characters are also given a bonus point for a specific skill important for his/her character. A player can assign 1 "Skill Point" into a specific pitch type (ex: bigger break on a Curveball) or a specific hitting zone (Ex: better at hitting high pitches). A player’s ability to fully control how his character’s career should be developed is an essential feature in all MMORPG."

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