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What's up OS'ers? We had a pretty good turnout yesterday, hopefully it will continue. It's interesting to see what our readers are up to.

It looks like another rainy weekend on the east coast. After a few months without any rain whatsoever, it looks like mother nature is trying to catch up on a few things, all at once.

Have you checked out your local Walmart for a playable Xbox 360? I plan on stopping in today to see if I'm one of the lucky ones, somehow I seriously doubt it. I hear GameStop is going to have some kiosks setup fairly soon as well.

Tons of college football today on the schedule. There are 3 games I'm really looking forward to watching. Texas Tech/Texas, Tennessee/Alabama, and Auburn/LSU. Who are you rooting for?

Enough about me, what's up with you? Who's going to win Game 1 tonight in the World Series?

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# 1 SoMiss2000 @ 10/22/05 10:06 AM
Nothing going on with me. I'm about to watch the Cowboys kick Philly's arse for about the 6th time. It'll be a while before the game gets deleted from my DVR. I'll probably cry when that time comes. Later i'll watch Texas bring Texas Tech back to reality. Then I have my 7 year old nephew's birthday party to look forward to. Whoopeeee! Should be interesting with a few kids there from his new school. He's been in private school up until this year. This year, he started public school, no wait, a public/private school. The way I understand it, it's a public school who lets in who they want. Anyways, T.J. is not the only brotha in his class anymore so that should be interesting to talk to him about. Now he can start earning street cred! Anyways, that's about all I have to look forward to today. Sunday, I'll attend church and come home to watch Michael Irvin scream at Steve, TJ, and Ditka on NFL Countdown. Afterwards, I'll watch whatever games Fox and CBS is showing me at noon. It never fails, I'll watch the first 1 1/2 quarter of the noon game and fall asleep through the rest of the game. I'll get up, put on my Roy Williams toast jersey, put on some eye black, get my gameface on and watch the new Dallas Doomsday destroy, Hasselbeck and goodie goodie, Shaun Alexander. Who are Seattle's receivers again? Some guy named Joe? There's my weekend in a nutshell.
# 2 hdaniel1 @ 10/22/05 11:18 AM
I was going to write to the other What's up? thread, but I was a walking zombie yesterday and couldn't really think straight. So I am just going to write it here.

Some people here know that I have been working at Hawaii's largest bank for almost year. Damn how time flies by. Anyways, been working part time for 8 months and full time for 3 months. You probably think I work at a branch. NOT! I work in the main vault. Back office stuff, the backbone of banking business. My section is the coin vault and I process everything from personal to business accounts. So I basically handle thousands of thousands of coins a day.

Yesterday had to go to work early to get ready a Fed Reserve shipment. 600 bags worth of quarters we had to transfer to metal pallets. Talk about hard labor, we did it all in half a hour. Each bag weighs in at 25 pounds.

Well enough of me already. Looking forward to the San Jose St. Hawaii game. Hope Hawaii wins. Oh yeah, there road unis are dam fugly ugly gross. It would look decent with black pants.
# 3 Beantown @ 10/22/05 12:55 PM
Hm...since I answered the other day...not much has happened.

Prepping myself to be my high-school's super fan for next saturday's soccer game. Got two or three games to warm up between tonight and next saturday.

May sound pathetic...but at my HS, soccer's our big sport. We won the state championship last year with a 20-0-3 season, and this season were 10-0-4, for a 37-game unbeaten streak :knockonwood: Next saturday, if both teams records hold up and neither loses, it'll be the #1 in the state Vs the #1 in the state, and it's a huge rivlary(play them twice a year; reg. season and once in the playoffs) So it's a huge game.

But yeah...other than that, not much going on.
# 4 rockchisler @ 10/22/05 07:53 PM
I love the weekends no work all play, im watching the Pistons play the heat now and I need to clean my apartment..hmm what else...oh yeah michigan won today, cardiac kids..1 month till Xbox 360...oh boy
# 5 Spear @ 10/23/05 08:30 AM
- Worked Friday Night, and all day Saturday.

- WS was a good one last night.

- Habs win again, which is always nice.

- I plan on watching whatever football games are on in my area (damn TV guide, just says NFL Football and not what teams), god forbid I'll have to watch the stupid Bills, I hate them.

- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't rain tomorrow, so I'll be out at 9:30 thanks to two spares.

- Waiting on impressions for GTA LS once it comes out...that will seal my deal on getting a PSP for work.

- Started a franchise with the Vikings, second year with Reggie Bush, Terrell Owens, and Reggie Wayne...picked them up through free agents, and drafted Bush of course. I made them have a horrible season the year before like they are this year, and now I'm like 10-0 in my second season after Tice's firing.

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