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Well, my Sony Trinitron 20" monitor finally bit the dust yesterday. For about a year the thing would blink in and out every few days or so. I guess it finally decided to give up. I went and picked up a Samsung LN-R238W monitor from Best Buy. I can hook my Xbox to it and watch Hi-Def stuff whenever I have the time to plug it in. Supposedly this is the same monitor being used on the Xbox 360 kiosks displayed at quite a few Walmarts. I think there might be something wrong with it though, because the text is a bit blurry. I'll probably try another one later today, but having a widescreen monitor really changes things, it really looks totally different, it will take a while to get used to it, but in the end, I think I'll be pleased. The Xbox games look pretty good on it, so that's another plus.

Wow, the Pistons layed the hammer to the Heat in yesterdays preseason game. Look for more of the same when the regular season starts baby! Who wants some?

Good luck to everyones favorite NFL football team today, unless of course you are a Seattle Seahawk fan. Go Cowboys!

Enough about me, what's up with you? Don't you hate it when you call customer service and start up a conversation with, "How are you doing?" only to hear silence on the other end?

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# 1 Beantown @ 10/23/05 08:56 AM
Not much is up this morning....

Have a lot to do today. Write a one-page "Personal Statement" for my application to Quinnipiac, start working on two essays for school..one about satire that is 6-7 pages, one about either VOucher Schools or Faith Base organizations for American Government that has to be 4 pages.

Pats have a bye this week...thank God...couldn't stand to wacth their sloppy play for another week

Working on my situation with a couple of ladies, but that's for my own personal knowledge

That's about it for me...peace out.
# 2 hdaniel1 @ 10/23/05 11:00 AM
The Hawaii Warriors won yesterday 45-38 at San Jose St. Our defense still sucks but they stepped up when the game was on the line, intercepting the ball to seal the game up. Of course they wore those puke ugly silver unis, but it looked different. The numbers were black instead of silver. It looks better but now I will call them the road "Raiders".

I noticed that I have been taking so many cat naps during the weekends. Probably because I use so much energy at work, when the weekend comes, that is when I recover. Well, sort of.
# 3 Acid @ 10/23/05 01:29 PM
I finally slept in today, something I haven't done for about 10 weeks. I woke up around 8 am, then went back to sleep and woke up again at 11 am.

I'm watching the Eagles/Chargers game and hoping the Chargers can get the offense going.

UCLA beat Oregon State last night and should be #6 or #7 in the polls this week, with games against Stanford, Arizona, and Arizona State remaining before the USC game.

After the SD/PHI game, I have to do homework.
# 4 XboxRocks1991 @ 10/23/05 05:06 PM
It was homecoming week at school. So that was fun. Carnival/Bonfire on Thursday, game on friday, dance yesterday.
# 5 elicoleman @ 10/23/05 05:14 PM
Not much of anything, especially since the Patriots have a bye. I slept in til around 1:15pm, which was nice.

I've got a take home test that was due two weeks ago in my Intro to Theatre class, which is basically like writing 12 pages or more of crap. I haven't decided when or if I'll start that. I really just don't feel like doing it.

For the past week, I've been putting up insolation underneath a house. I basically have to crawl into this hole in the basement of this house we're working on, and I have about 4 feet of ceiling room in which to move about. There are also pipes and vents that get in the way. It's very dusty/dirty and the only have one single light which I carry around. We'll finish that part up tomorrow, thankfully. I've got to kill the spiders first, because they are torwards that back part which I haven't gotten to yet.

Anyways, what's new with you?
# 6 TheEnglishHombre @ 10/23/05 10:07 PM
Well, tomorrow, I start my NEW JOB! Im am extremely excited, but very nervous as well.

I would actually like to thank all you guys at OS for giving me something to think about and laugh about these last few months. I don't mind admitting, I was getting a little depressed at my current state, but coming on here and chatting with you guys, having you put up with my stupid comments, and especially reading the homer-rific college football threads, really lifted up my day. OS is a great community, by far the best I have visited on the web. Thanks again guys.

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