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GamePro has posted SSX on Tour reviews for the following consoles:
  • Xbox (4/5)
    "EA Sports BIG takes their extreme sports formula in new directions with SSX On Tour, a title introduces a Career Mode and skiing to their popular franchise. But are all the changes a good thing?"
  • Playstation 2 (4/5)
    "The biggest new addition to SSX On Tour is the ability to barrel down the mountain on a pair of skis. The game is now all about creating a character and advancing through a lengthy ranked Career Mode. When you create your virtual persona you'll be given the choice of one plank (snowboard) or two (skis). The skiing plays and controls quite similarly to the boards, although there have been some minor tweaks when it comes to pulling off stringed combo runs. Essentially, however, the snowboards and the skis are nearly identical in terms of functionality and ease of use."
  • GameCube (4/5)
    "It's a shame that things like repetitive events and lack of online hurt SSX On Tour so much. Visually the game is top notch and incredibly unique and the new indie inspired soundtrack is a nice change of pace when stacked up against the last's installment's exclusive techno offerings. For every good aspect of the game there seems to be a bad one, and when you balance that out across the board (or ski), it just adds up to a game that tries to evolve a winning formula but falls prey to its own ambition."

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