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Woah. It's almost Halloween? Already? Good grief, I haven't even taken my daughter out to get her costume yet. It should be fun dressing her up in a few when we go to the store. I think we'll do that tonight. What are you dressing up as? How about your kids, brothers, mom or dad? I haven't dressed up for Halloween since dressing up as Batman in high school my senior year. Last year my daughter went as one of the Teletubbies, I forget the name, but she was so cute. She loves Dora the Explorer, so I'm willing to bet that's who she'll be this year.

I had my truck in the shop all weekend and finally got it back last night. There was some sort of strange rattling going on in the engine and my engine light kept coming on. It would also just stall at a stop light for no known reason. After the shop did the work, it's running smooth as silk. I'm so relieved. Basically, they just gave it a tune up, since I haven't had one in quite a long time, they also changed the oil, I was a little overdue. I was getting nervous at each stop light before they fixed it, I didn't want to be one of those idiots in the middle of the road with hazard lights on pissing off everyone behind me. It actually happened 3 times, but luckily after the stall, it started right back up. Come on, you know you get pissed off when someone breaks down right in front of you. All the 4 letter words come out, you know it. I know they were coming out of my mouth on all 3 stalls. I'm just happy it's fixed, at least for now.

Vick and the Falcons won another game last night, but Vick was 11/26 w/ 3 picks. Vick is a very exciting quarterback, but until he can get his passing game down, he's going to have a rough time in the NFL. He sure does have a gun and his recievers dropped a few on him, the Jets defense was totally confusing him last night. Vick will win some games this year, but it will be with his feet, not his arm. He is a special athlete, hopefully he doesn't get killed running from the defenses again this year.

Enough about me, what's up with you? Are the Astros going to make a series out of this thing or what?

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 10/25/05 08:40 AM
What's up?

It's very rainy and cold here. The kind of weather you don't even want to get out of bed with.

I went to Toys R Us, and impluse bought 3 games with the buy 2 get 1 free deal. Got The Warriors, and so far, it's great. The dialogue kind of shocked me for a game, since it's quite R rated. The game play is a classic beat 'em up and it's very enjoyable so far. I picked up Sniper Elite after saying I wasn't, but I based it off impressions on DSP. I played it for about an hour last night, and this game is INTENSE! It's very slow moving, and it reminds me of Enemy of the Gates. You are on your belly, crawling to find the perfect spot in a rainy, blown out city. You get your spot, and aim your sniper rifle, boo ya! When you get "that perfect shot", the camera follows the bullet all the way to the guy's head or throat. This game takes in effect your heart rate, wind, breathing, etc. It's a sleeper in my opinion, and I'm really happy I picked it up. The other game, well, that's a filler. I picked up Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. I won't be opening or keeping it, rather I'll take my receipt and game back up when the 360 comes out to get another game. You have 45 days to return games. I've done that every year I think because I could never find 3 games at one time I wanted! LOL I went with Tony Hawk because in case something happens and I can't return it, I know it's not going down in value so I can sell it sealed on Ebay.

Other than that, nothing much else going on here. Work still sucks, and I haven't been sleeping well lately. I think it's worrying about money..hmm, maybe I should stop buying games? LOL

And speaking of which, when did King Kong for the 360 become a must own? Has anyone played or seen it at WalMart? OMG!! Prettiest launch title I've seen. WOW!
# 2 Shaver @ 10/25/05 08:56 AM
Yeah, Halloween came up quick this year! The entire transition from Summer to Fall happened in a blink here in the Midwest. Seems like 3 weeks ago we were still in shorts, now it's 36 degrees when I leave for work in the morning.

My girls both got the final touches for their Halloween costumes yesterday. They are both going as Cheerleaders. Our local high school had a Cheerleading clinic and my girls both got official cheerleading sweaters that my wife tailored down to size. The school colors match the Washington Redskins, so Daddy is going to don the LaVar Arrington jersey and take them Trick or Treating next week. It's only fair since I am going to eat 75% of the candy!

Fun to be a sports fan in Detroit as usual. The Lions suck...but so does the entire North, so it's still interesting. Michigan is holding onto a Big Ten title hope by a sliver. The Wings are 8-1. The Pistons are underdogs again, but have put together their best team (on paper) since the Bad Boy era. And the Tigers are starting over this spring for the 7th time in 10 years!

That doesn't even scratch the surface of all that is up... but it's good for now.
# 3 Easton @ 10/25/05 10:55 AM
Hey guys,

I was supposed to be going to a Halloween party a friend of mine throws every year, but its on Saturday, and I'm driving down to College Station to see A&M take on Iowa State. I'm a little dissapointed, because its usually a pretty fun party, but I've never not had fun in College Station on a football game weekend, either. Last year, I was a mad scientist complete with test tubes filled with different flavored shots. This year, I was planning on going as the Carver from the FX show Nip/Tuck. Oh well, I can save that for next year.

I'm anxiously awaiting my call from Gamestop today so I can pickup Call of Duty 2 on my way home from work. I also have the first 2 discs of Firefly coming today from Netflix. Alot of the guys here at work are raving about the series and the movie, and I wanted to check out the series before I went to watch the movie, Serenity. Plus, the World Series is on tonight. There just aren't enough hours in the day when you spend 8 hours at work and at least 6 hours sleeping.

That's it for now.
# 4 Beantown @ 10/25/05 11:50 AM
Yeah, not much happened today...although there's a party going on on Friday and then the huge soccer game on Saturday which should be fun.

My college application porcess is complete, other than the waiting. Turned in my final teacher recommendation letter today so they[Guidance] can mail them out. Have to say, this reccommendation was very, very touching.

Bruin's suck.

Longhorns are a disputeable #1 in the BCS, but who cares if they're 1 or 2 as long as they get to the NC. Pats play the Bills this weekend, should be a good game.

Waay...waaay to much rain up in Mass.
# 5 Acid @ 10/25/05 02:21 PM
I haven't gone out on Halloween for like 3 years, I always seem to find a way and get sick on Halloween. One year, I got Scarlet Fever on Halloween, who the **** gets Scarlet Fever? :y4:

Today was lame, I had a test in English and Algebra II. Then I had my class where I'm an aide for Art 1 and the teacher I had freshman year (we talk like everyday, coolest teacher ever).

Hopefully XBL is working today.
# 6 Beantown @ 10/25/05 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by Acid
I haven't gone out on Halloween for like 3 years, I always seem to find a way and get sick on Halloween. One year, I got Scarlet Fever on Halloween, who the **** gets Scarlet Fever? :y4:

Today was lame, I had a test in English and Algebra II. Then I had my class where I'm an aide for Art 1 and the teacher I had freshman year (we talk like everyday, coolest teacher ever).

Hopefully XBL is working today.

Jopin the club...4 years running I've been sick.
# 7 elicoleman @ 10/25/05 02:33 PM
What's up you ask?

Well, yesterday I went to work with my grandfather again, and had to pick him up since his truck died on him. We tried to kill those spiders I was tell you about but nothing worked, so we are going to try again tomorrow.

I had my Intro to Theatre class last night, which is always entertaining. She cracks me up all the time.

After that, I grabbed something to eat and hung out at Danielle's house til 3am. She was PMSing, so I really don't know why I stuck around but I did. We talked for a long time, which was good. She slapped me across the face as hard as she could, because I wouldn't stop tickling her. Very unexpected but because she can't stand to be tickled, very deserved.

After I came home, I still had a one page argument paper to write so I did that in about 20 minutes. My argument was on whether or not some should play football 9 months after having a stroke. Is it worth the risk?

On to today...I woke up around 10:30, and took a bath. LOL, yeah I take baths when I'm extremely tired and don't feel like standing up. After that, I went to my English 1020 class, which was boring. We sat in a circle and read our papers outloud. I hate speaking in public.

I swear, this woman is so shrivly and old, it's not even funny. I swear, she looks like the women in the Wedding Singer that sings Rappers Delight.

Oh well...I just got home from class about 20 minutes ago, and I've got nothing really planned the rest of the day. I may meet Danielle's friend Courtney...she says we'd really hit it off, so we'll see.

Also, I'll be playing some of my Northwestern dynasty, so go to the Dynasty Forum and check it out.

So, whatsup with you?
# 8 forensicd @ 10/25/05 08:56 PM
Whats up?

This will be my sons first real halloween, kinda. He is 1 1/2, and is dressed up like a chicken (wife picked it out, i wanted him to go as a miami dolphns player, but she won out). We are decking out the house, feebly attempting to actually scare someone, i doubt it will work though.

As of the past 4 months, I have been working for Microsofts EEG department, who is responsible for the xbox and 360. I do all their design work for online learning and training, creating interfaces, flash animations and videos. You would think as much as i have done for them the least they can do is throw me a free 360! I was up in washington a few weeks ago, and man, the xbox group has got it tight there! You have never seen such a setup. Heres hoping everything goes well for their launch in 4 weeks.
# 9 NYJets @ 10/25/05 09:20 PM
The Jets lose again. Every week the losses hurt less and less and the situation becomes almost funny. Now it looks like we lost Eric Barton for the year, who has been a huge part of our defense the last 2 years. Vinny also could be hurt too. Just one of those years. Unfortunately, we don't even really have some young players to give playing time too. Just a wasted season, and this team could be a mess for the next couple years.

It's been raining here again. They were saying we were going to get huge rains and 50 mph winds today, but it wasn't nearly that bad. Still not too nice outside.

Not much else is up, it's just the same old **** for the most part.
# 10 Brandwin @ 10/25/05 11:29 PM
Well my daughter is going to be Auroa from Sleeping Beauty this year. I ordered her costume from Disney store about 3 weeks ago.

This is her 4th Halloween she has been
Minnie Mouse
49ers Cheerleader
Sleeping Beauty.

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