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Boomtown has posted an interview with Simon Barlow, the Lead Designer on Evo Studios' World Rally Championship series.
Boomtown: "The handling model has changed a lot over the years, what can we expect this year - who's going to be happier - the casuals or the hardcore?"
Simon: "Both. We’ve further refined the simulation base for the model, but instead of hiding the most advanced features away, we’ve exposed it to everyone. In order to make it still feel fun for less diligent players we built in three separate Driver Aids: Brake Assist, Traction Control and Steering Assist. These are altered via sliders and you can set them up to whatever settings you feel comfortable with. The idea is that as you become more attuned to the game you can peel the layers away till you’re left with the raw – but still playable – simulation model."

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