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  • Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Review (PS2 - 6/10)
    "Open up the levels, and then grab a friend to explore the game. There's an impressive set of new tricks and lines you can uncover, and finding all the gaps is going to take some time. Co-op is a great introduction, and the standard two-player games rarely fail to disappoint. So if the story is important to you, prepare to be a little let down. If it's the pure mechanics of skating as only Neversoft knows how to do, there's a lot of fun to be had from THAW."
  • Touch Golf Trailer (DS)
    "Touch Golf - or Otona no DS Golf if you like - doesn't work quite the same way as EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour DS title, but you can work that part out for yourself. The ball's trajectory, speed and spin are all a direct reflection of your stylus stroke. Skew your stylus stroke slightly to the left face of the ball and it'll fade; start too far back and it'll go for miles."

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