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  • SSX On Tour (B)
    "SSX has always been the benchmark for extreme sports speed, and On Tour doesn't stray far from that icy path of chaos. With huge jumps and drop-offs, there are plenty of opportunities to let this gameís stunning visuals take your breath away. It helps that the framerate is rock solid - at least for the Xbox and PS2 versions. The Gamecube enjoys cameos from Mario and Luigi, but it also has some unstable framerate issues when you kick up the flurries."
  • FIFA 06 (B-)
    "FIFA has come a long way in the last twelve years, but most of its changes take a few iterations to refine. This is again the case with FIFA 06, a solid all-around improvement over last yearís game. Still, EA should focus on really nailing the online play missing in Winning Eleven and stop embarrassing the franchise with petty control tweaks. Itís the best FIFA to date, but still only the second best player on the pitch."

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