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  • Jak X: Combat Racing (PS2 - 7/10)
    "The one remaining issue is whether we'd buy it. Sat here with our freebie copy, we liked it a lot, and enjoyed almost every minute of the many face-wobbling hours we ploughed into it. Sure, it's repetitive; sure it's not doing anything massively new, but what it does provide is an exceptionally polished genre offering that fans of the series and kart games in general can get a lot out of. Jak X is certainly a good pick-up-and-play title that's perfect for a rental over a weekend, and at a budget price we wouldn't hesitate, but right now, at full price we'd probably pass - but don't take that as an instant dismissal. You might be pleasantly surprised how good it really is; we certainly were."
  • Mario Kart DS First Impressions (DS)
    "What we can tell you, without a doubt, is that Nintendo has done a superb job here. All the stuff fans love about Mario Kart is present and correct, and the new additions - from the new weapons to the online multiplayer mode - enhance the classic formula brilliantly. Even if you've been playing Mario Kart for years, even if you think nothing could surpass the genius of the SNES version, even if you went right off the whole thing after playing Double Dash!! - you're in for a treat."

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