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Clay and Shawn have brought back our Starting 5 article. Make sure you give it a read and submit some questions for the next one.
"Welcome to Starting 5 – a feature column by Operation Sports!

Once again, Managing Editor Shawn Drotar and Senior Staff Writer Clay Shaver will tackle the world of sports and sports gaming in a rapid-fire discussion.

Is there a question on your mind? Find out below how to submit your question for our next column!"

Member Comments
# 1 The GIGGAS @ 11/14/05 05:21 PM
Where can we submit questions? Here?
# 2 fossen @ 11/14/05 05:38 PM
Wow! I had no idea this was in the works!

Great to see this back, guys!
# 3 Sully @ 11/14/05 05:56 PM
Originally Posted by The GIGGAS
Where can we submit questions? Here?
PM Clay.
# 4 The GIGGAS @ 11/14/05 06:01 PM
Thanks Sully.
# 5 pfunk880 @ 11/14/05 06:07 PM
Nice to see this back!
# 6 Herbsinator @ 11/14/05 06:22 PM
question here:
Am I the only one that counts the words in the 24 second portion? I always have to make sure that they aren't cheating.
# 7 TheLetterZ @ 11/14/05 06:27 PM
This made my entire week seeing this back. Great work, guys.
# 8 mgoblue @ 11/14/05 09:11 PM
great to have this back, I always like reading your ideas, comments, thoughts on things
# 9 Brandwin @ 11/14/05 09:22 PM

Just lovely! This is always a great read, glad its back.
# 10 luv_mist @ 11/15/05 12:08 AM
That was pretty nice. Liked the tidbit about TO. Definitely thinking of questions.......
# 11 ExtremeGamer @ 11/15/05 09:38 AM
Woo hoo! Great job guys!
# 12 Shaver @ 11/15/05 09:50 AM
PMing the questions to me is the best way to get them in.

Also, people who send questions will be more likely to be asked to participate in the "6th Man" portion.
# 13 RockyTop1 @ 11/15/05 11:05 AM
Great read guys, glad this is back
# 14 dwesnyc @ 11/15/05 03:51 PM
why baseball is not as popular anymore:

Its not a tv sport!!!

Has anyone been to a football game? The ball is sooo small, the players look like ants, the temp is soooo cold. But what about football on tv. Instant replys of hits, close ups of touchdown celebrations. Great statistics.

Now baseball: The warm breeze, the sound of the bat, the wave Good food, hanging out with your friends. Wandering around the ballpark.
Baseball on tv? Kinda boring. Its long, alot of waiting around.

So just that fact that this is a tv loving nation, plus the fact that only the richest of the richest can actually go see a baseball game is driving the game to the ground.
# 15 dieselboy @ 11/15/05 05:57 PM
Oh ****!

Way to give me the heads up that this was back guys, damn. I guess all those threads and PMs about bringing the Starting 5 back have finally paid off.

Great read guys.

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