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  • NBA 2K6 (X360 - 7.0/10)
    "And that's 2K6's biggest setback -- it doesn't have the instant visual appeal, next-gen look, or out-and-out raw emotion that gamers want to see in a next-gen sports game. The actual mechanics of the game are quite strong (the shot stick and free throw system are perhaps the best mechanics we've seen in a basketball game to date), and it has all the depth and options we've come to expect from a veteran basketball series."
  • Amped 3 (X360 - 7.0/10)
    "Adolescents are like that, though. They just do things you don't get as they go through their growing pains, and Amped 3 is definitely in the midst of its own. The crazy displays for attention and rebellious personality leave little doubt of that."

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