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  • Need for Speed Most Wanted (PS2, Xbox - 8.5/10)
    "Most Wanted is yet another thoroughly competent addition to the franchise. The nod back to the cop chase mechanics of the Hot Pursuit games is certainly welcome, plus it's interesting to see that the vaunted "open" gameplay of the last two games has been dialed down by a more forcibly linear structure to keep things interesting."
  • Project Gotham Racing 3 (X360 - 10/10)
    "Is PGR3 without fault? Pretty much. Sure, I'd love the ability to completely remove the HUD for a more immersive experience. I wish I could drive through the streets of the game's cities freely, without track markers dictating my path. This would give the player a better chance to appreciate the work that's gone into recreating the environments; though the included photo mode (which can be accessed at any time from the pause menu) does allow gamers to stop, stare and wander the tracks to their heart's content."
  • FIFA Soccer 2006 (X360 - 7.0/10)
    "What is also strangely fun is this new thing EA Sports is doing with its sports games while they're loading. NBA Live does a great job with this too, and I hope it marks the start of a trend that everyone picks up on."

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