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  • Project Gotham Racing 3 Review (X360 - 9.4/10)
    "Bizarre Creations’ creation is everything that gamers expect in an Xbox 360 game with regular Xbox roots. The gameplay mechanics, presentation, and available modes have all been supercharged, the graphics push the capabilities of the hardware without wavering, and the engine and exhaust noises are so glorious that you won’t even care about loading in your custom tracks."
  • NHL 2K6 Review (X360 - 7.7/10)
    "If you’re an Xbox 360 owner and a hockey fan, unfortunately your options are a bit limited with the launch line-up. While NHL 2K6 is a rock-solid game, it isn’t a next-gen showpiece that many gamers are looking for. The visuals have been upgraded, the gameplay has slightly been tweaked, and it is one of the best hockey videogames to date."

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