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  • NHL 2K6 (6.9/10)
    "If you are a huge hockey fan, havenít bought any hockey game for Xbox in the past year, and you want a hockey game for Xbox 360, this is your only option so I suggest you check it out. If you think you can wait to see truly next-gen hockey, then wait until end of 2006, when developers have had more time to work with the Xbox 360, to deliver a much richer experience. There are a few new additions, but the somewhat bad A.I. and the extra $10 for the game doesnít really warrant a purchase, but rather a rent."
  • Amped 3 (7/10)
    "Despite the fact that Amped 3 doesnít have any multiplayer, or that the visuals arenít exactly the best thing you will see on Xbox 360, it is still a very solid snowboarding game, and if you are getting tired of Tony Hawk, and donít care about online modes, you will get a kick out of Amped 3ís humor, interesting, if not borrowed trick systems, and the vast slopes you can trick off of."

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