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  • NBA 2K6 (7.4/10)
    "NBA2K6 is a solid title that doesn’t really stretch the limits of what the Xbox 360 can do, but it still has a pretty good presentation. The actual players themselves are noticeably different from the Xbox counterpart, but they don’t look as good as that “other” Xbox 360 basketball game out right now. So if you haven’t bought a basketball game this year, are buying a Xbox 360, and wouldn’t mind spending an $60 for it, then you should definitely pick this title up, as it has the most substance, and presentational balance so far."
  • Project Gotham Racing 3 (9/10)
    "Project Gotham Racing 3 is a highly addictive game that any racing fan has to have if they are buying an Xbox 360. It is the perfect blend of style, substance, visuals, and sound you will find on any system. It is a testament that Xbox 360 really is starting the next-generation of gaming, but you will blow through the game very quickly, it is a bit on the easy side sometimes, and without HDTV you can’t truly experience it. Also it seems to rely heavily on the fact that you have Xbox Live. Still, if you are looking for photorealism, and a great overall game, this is a must have."
  • Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (7/10)
    "THAW may not be that hard no matter which way you cut it, but it is still as addictive as any Tony Hawk titles. You have the story mode and the classic mode to go through, and when you are done with that you can finally play on Xbox Live. The strange thing is, there is something different about this one, like it was a bit rushed, and that doesn’t reward you at all. Still it is a pretty entertaining experience, that I definitely believe newcomers will find fantastic, and die-hard fans will love, if you can see yourself paying an extra $10 when the same exact product is already available on Xbox."

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