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  • NHL 2K6 (X360 - 3 stars)
    "After seeing the glorious NBA 2K6 and getting a glimpse of what 2K Sports can do, I take a look at NHL 2K6 and scratch my head, as if I was an ape in a zoo exhibit and getting fed yogurt instead of bananas. This game could've been so much more had Kush Games been on their game, driving with the kind of innovation that they put into the goalie control feature."
  • Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (X360 - 4 stars)
    "Those of you who want to see Tony Hawk in a real-time imagery doing ollies as if he was right there in your living room will probably have to wait till next year to see what Neversoft can really do with the system. As is, what we have here is a port of the already enjoyable console game on the market. It's not quite the well-oiled skate machine we deserve, but it suffices with its gameplay and its hours of entertainment."
  • NBA Live 06 (X360 - 2 1/2 stars)
    "NBA Live 06 is a wonderful looking game that really shows off the Xbox 360's horsepower yet at the same time it exposes Electronic Arts as a sloppy publisher that's losing touch with the definition of quality gameplay. It's just a damn shame that the same company that publishes the Burnout series would hand deliver this abortion to the buying public just because it wanted to make the 360 launch."

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