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  • Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360 - 8/10)
    "But, as I keep saying, too much of what's changed since PGR2 is superficial once the initial novelty value of the graphics, Gotham TV, etc. wears off. PGR3's is a slightly flawed but overwhelmingly engaging framework for an already excellent skew on the driving models we're traditionally used to, and there's little else I'm going to turn to on Xbox Live for a significant time to come. But when I answered my friend's questions yesterday I simply said that it's like playing PGR2 on a system that can do it justice - and that comes close to summing it up. I will always love the thought of turning into my drive listening to the clicker, and PGR3 is still that feeling in game form - unfortunately, I'm starting to feel like I got home a long time ago."
  • Mario Smash Football (GC - 8/10)
    "Mario Smash Football neatly distils the entire 'fun for everyone' ethos that permeates so many of Nintendo's titles. It's charmingly designed from the ground up to be as fun and accessible as possible, yet despite its astonishing simplicity, it still managed to hold our interest well beyond our expectations. With polished visuals, amusing audio and impressive technical touches adding the final gloss to this excellent, addictive package, it's yet another fine example of why the GameCube shouldn't be written off just yet."

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