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  • WRC Rally Evolved (PS2 - 6/10)
    "WRC just isn't as good as it so easily could and should be. I'd trade every single Interactive Event, half the stages, all of the unlockable (also: disposable) bonus features and practically all of the cars for a solid career/championship mode and, more pertinently, a damage system that introduced a sense of danger to accompany the urgency of each race."
  • Mario Power Tennis (GBA - 8/10)
    "As GBA titles go, Mario Power Tennis is a fantastic title to own - not least because it justifies its existence by being the best GBA tennis title by a mile. With a massively entertaining single-player element that features some mind-bogglingly addictive mini-games and excellent visuals it sells itself. It might not play the most incredible game of tennis you've ever come across, but that issue soon gets lost once you find out just how entertaining it is on the whole. Yet another shining example of the kind of simple, addictive brilliance that Nintendo seems to have a monopoly on these days."

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