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Gaming Target has posted their preview of MVP 06 NCAA Baseball.
"Is it possible for a giant corporate machine like EA to release a licensed niche sports game? Apparently so. MVP 06 NCAA Baseball is a huge gamble, but EA is working with the cards dealt to them in the aftermath of 2K's somewhat bizarre exclusivity deal. Obviously the MVP and EA name will help appeal to the average gamer, but there's still some snickers about a college baseball game. EA has showed time and again they know what they're doing though, and this one looks like it'll be a winner that rabid college baseball audience will eat it up and create a possible cult hit, and hopefully draw plain old baseball fans in general. If this is a success, imagine what could be next. NCAA Hockey? NCAA Golf? NCAA Wrestling? Who knows. EA has shown they know how to make college sports games in the past, and NCAA Baseball looks like it'll join NCAA Football and March Madness in their impressive catalog of collegiate sports titles."

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