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eToychest has posted their review of Super Mario Strikers, giving it an 86 out of 100.
"Games released under Nintendo’s umbrella have long valued approachable and addictive gameplay over technological bells and whistles. Super Mario Strikers subscribes to this methodology unapologetically. There is nothing too fancy here; just simple, old fashioned mechanics that work just as well today as they would have years ago. It isn’t flawless, but as gamers we shouldn’t concern ourselves too much with perfection. Instead, it is the lasting value of the experience offered that should determine the value of the game in question, and it is here where Super Mario Strikers excels. This is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their affinity towards sports games. Plus, the blood-curdling scream let out by Daisy as you tackle her into the electric fence never gets old, and is worth the price of admission alone."

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