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  • NBA 2K6 (4/5)
    "NBA 2K6 doesn't have many low points, but a few gripes tend to stand out when juxtaposed against the stellar presentation and addictive gameplay. Although the graphics are certainly one of the game's best features, the ugly polygonal crowd members and coaches (and pretty much anyone and anything not on the court) are a tacky reminder of early Xbox titles, and jar with the rest of the aesthetic splendor. The constant replays are annoying but forgivable in light of their beauty, while the shameless in-game advertising saturating the game will likely disgust conscientious players and gaming purists."
  • Madden NFL 06 (4/5)
    "NFL 06 shows great promise for next generation Madden football games to come--it just might be your starter this year. If you're a hardcore Madden fan, then you're already playing the best versions out there-PS2 and Xbox. Madden 360, then, is basically a nice addition to your collection. If the Xbox 360 represents your first foray into pro football...it's time to kick off."

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