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  • ToCA Race Driver 3 Hands-On (Xbox)
    "So now that you have over eighty tracks to tear up, you need to have something to tear them up with, right? The prior versions of ToCA are known for their unique blend of motorsports, from open wheel, to stock car, and just about anything else you can think of. ToCA Race Driver 3 raises the bar by bringing in even more car classes and race series which pretty much eliminates the notion that this franchise, judging by its namesake, is touring car-exclusive."
  • MVP 06 NCAA Baseball Interview: ESPN Integration (Xbox)
    TeamXbox: "Is EA SPORTS planning on including some type of ESPN Integration from now on?"
    Ben Brinkman: "Beginning with MVP 06 NCAA Baseball, it is definitely our goal to build upon our partnership and integrate ESPN content where it is relevant across all of our EA SPORTS franchises. Ultimately how ESPN is integrated into our EA SPORTS portfolio is going to be different on a title by title basis. There is not going to be a new blanket ESPN treatment that is given to all of our EA SPORTS franchises, but instead a mix of integrated content that is relevant on a sport by sport basis as approved by our league partners. While we expect to have some core features across the majority of our games, it has to make sense for that sport to make it into our games. Fight Night Round 3 and NFL Head Coach will be right behind MVP 06 with ESPN integration."

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