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  • Mario Kart DS (9.6/10)
    "So after all that dribble you are probably think, why is it that makes this game so good in this reviewer’s opinion. I will admit, I very rarely give a game over 9 points and consider anything above a 7 a must buy. But the reason this game scores so highly is because unlike recent games I’ve played that have had to include some kind of gimmicky feature or award system to pull me back, Mario Kart is just fun. No matter who you are and how defined your gaming skills are, Mario Kart DS can be picked up by anyone but still requires that little extra bit of focus for those willing to master this game. If a game can make me have fun whenever I play it without ever making me think, why am I doing this, then that is definitely worth a thousand points in my book."
  • Tony Hawk's American Sk8land (9.2/10)
    "American Sk8land is just one of those games you must own and the Nintendo Wifi Connection just makes it one of those games that you must own. The Story Mode may only take under 10 hours but the replay value is huge as you compete against the entire world to become to best of the best and vie to be the number one skater in the entire world."

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