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The one and only Wayne Gretzky sits down with OperationSports.com's Shawn Drotar to discuss his latest career move, the "new" NHL, video games and even tells us which players he thinks of as hockey's next "Great Ones"!

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# 1 VanCitySportsGuy @ 12/19/05 10:48 PM
Good interview.

I'm sure this is against the code of ethics, but if I knew I was going to meet The Great One, I would be tempted to bring my camera and take a pic of the both of us.

A writer over at cnnsi went to the same press briefing and he said 99 was asked if he ever saw Swingers and the famous scene. He said he hasn't although he has heard about it numerous times.
# 2 sdrotar @ 12/19/05 11:04 PM
EDITOR'S NOTE - On Saturday, December 17, Wayne Gretzky took an indefinite leave of absence from his role as coach of the Phoenix Coyotes to return to Ontario to help care for his mother Phyllis, who was suffering from lung cancer.
She had received chemotherapy treatment and had reportedly been improving since.
Wayne's father, Walter Gretzky, said in an October interview that his wife's condition had been improving since undergoing the treatment.
"They got it in time," he said of the cancer.
Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Phyllis Gretzky passed away on Monday, December 19 at the age of 64.
"Throughout my career, she was in the background, but she was the glue," Wayne Gretzky said at the time of his mother's diagnosis, according to AP. "She's always been the toughest in the family."
It is not known when or if Gretzky will return to his role as coach of the Coyotes or as executive director of the Canadian Olympic hockey team.

After just meeting Wayne Gretzky, however briefly, just two short weeks ago, I'm saddened at this news on a very personal level, and it is with a heavy heart that I must amend this otherwise enjoyable article.

I know that I speak for myself and for all hockey fans when I say that our best hopes and wishes are with the entire Gretzky family during this difficult time.

# 3 TheLetterZ @ 12/20/05 08:52 AM
Good for you, Shawn.

Also, my heart goes out to Wayne and the rest of the Gretzky family.
# 4 iamemmittsmith @ 12/20/05 07:01 PM
Actually, it was Jon Robinson from IGN who asked about Swingers.
# 5 sdrotar @ 12/21/05 01:47 AM
Originally Posted by iamemmittsmith
Actually, it was Jon Robinson from IGN who asked about Swingers.
That's correct. It was also hilarious.

Jon asked it first thing, and Wayne kind of raised his eyebrows and stared, as if he was thinking, "I'm coaching Phoenix, assembling the Canadian Olympic team, talking about my video game, and instead, you're asking me about a decade-old movie that I've never seen - like everyone else on the street does?"

It wasn't the best start to a group interview I'd ever witnessed, but it was priceless...

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