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DarkZero has posted their review of Project Gotham Racing 3, giving it a 9.5 out of 10.
"I will make it clear to you; anyone who was lucky enough to get an Xbox 360 should own this game. It is perhaps the greatest of the launch titles, certainly the ones published by Microsoft - It has great depth and playability and will last you as long as you want it to. Bizarre have crafted a wonderful title that is rightly one of the greatest racing games we have ever witnessed. I would be surprised if PGR 3 did not take over from PGR 2 as one of the best games played on Xbox Live, it certainly possesses features that no other game has. I recommend this game to everyone, it is a great title for newcomers to the racing genre, I was not a massive racing fan before playing this game, but as some of our forumers may tell you this game has not been out of my Xbox 360. So the Project Gotham Racing series once again lays down the marker for others to catch up to, roll on PGR 4!"

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