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Do you have a question for the Producers of Arena Football? If so, post them here and I'll send them along.

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# 1 Geauxldenboy @ 12/22/05 03:14 PM
Could you please ask how will the New Orleans Voodoo situation be handled?
I believe that they will not play this year (b/c of Katrina) but will still be considered an AFL franchise and will resume in 2007. Will they still be included in the game somehow or will we have to wait until another version of the game is produced?
# 2 ballerzinc @ 12/22/05 03:38 PM
Will this play a game closer to real Arena Football or will it be closer to the all-out arcade action of Blitz or NFL Street.
# 3 UNLV_1999 @ 12/22/05 04:08 PM
I read somewhere that there will be historic teams in which you can actually use these teams in dynasty mode (i.e. Iowa Barnstormers) but will have current day players. If you use one of these historic teams in Dynasty mode, do you replace a current team? Can you give us a list of the historic teams that will be in the game? Thanks!
# 4 Triggerfish @ 12/22/05 07:13 PM
Any chance of a 360 release? For the people who bought the 360 and got rid of the xbox...they may lose some potential sales.
# 5 UNLV_1999 @ 12/23/05 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by asrabbit91
ya they are in i saw it in a preview
I am not sure if they are under the current teams because the EA site for AFL has a screen shots of all the teams and NO is not in there. Perhaps they will be under the historical teams.
# 6 Texasrangers13 @ 12/26/05 02:28 PM
How will receivers in forward motion prior to snap be handled?
How will balls off the nets be handled?
Will dynasty mode have Free Agents, Contracts, and whatever else is needed?
# 7 miz468 @ 12/27/05 02:43 AM
Will players that perform extremely well leave your team to go to the NFL?

As a follow-up, will this game and the AFL players tie in with Madden 07 in any way?

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