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I'll be headed down south today, probably won't be around much at all. I'm going to hang around to watch the Pistons/Cavs game, but after that, I'll be gone. Hope you guys enjoy the New Years Eve celebrations!

What are your New Year's Eve plans, resolutions, etc.?

In other news...Got some news links of your own? Post it here!

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
ajr777 (35), Omerta (31), AuburnAlumni (28), Inky (26), WTF (24), TyMarion (24)

Enough about me, what's up with you?

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# 1 XboxRocks1991 @ 12/31/05 10:44 AM
Enjoy the new year everbody!!!
# 2 SPTO @ 12/31/05 10:48 AM
Well the forums work now here's the link you asked for Steve

Professional Football Researchers Association Forums

As for me, not much happening. I might go out to a relative of mine or just stay home.

I'm really loving GUN. It feels like a real Western movie. Now if only Hollywood could makes movies like that.
# 3 XboxRocks1991 @ 12/31/05 10:54 AM
That face recognition thing doesnt work for me.
# 4 hdaniel1 @ 12/31/05 11:32 AM
Haven't wrote in a long time. Anyways, I am "unofficially" going to be promoted again at work. Yes, I am moving out of the coin vault. I have to wait for the position to be posted up on the company's job postings website. Kind of strange that I was going for another position, and they offer me this one. Pay is going to be more, since it is a senior teller position.

This position that they offered me, we prepare money for various business in Hawaii. I get to handle big amounts of currency and coins. Much better than the coin vault, moving about 500 bags of coins all day.

Today, going to relax, then when night comes, going to go to a friend's house for New Years. Pretty much going to play it by ear.
# 5 The GIGGAS @ 12/31/05 11:53 AM
Got up at 8, watched 7 episodes of Scrubs, had to run for some food due to a sugar drop, then noticed that I recieved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the 40 Year Old Virgin today. It was surprising because it still is listed as shipping.
# 6 Acid @ 12/31/05 01:37 PM
Apparently I have an addiction to Amped 3. I finished the story mode last night, I still have to finish all the events and stuff, but I unlocked all the mountains and such.

Very fun game.

Hopefully my friend lets me know about any parties, if not..I'll probably just hang out at my house.
# 7 ExtremeGamer @ 12/31/05 02:34 PM
Sitting here watching the Cavs/Pistons game. Cavs up by 13 with 8 mins to go. Pistons are attempting 3's every single trip it seems like. Scratch that, Cavs up by 16. This would help to make a good new year!! LOL

Going to my uncle's for a small party tonight, should be fun. Only like 8 of us. I don't drink, so it should be a good time.
# 8 ExtremeGamer @ 12/31/05 02:57 PM
Steve, you can start marking my words now! LOL
# 9 dieselboy @ 12/31/05 05:45 PM
Happy New Years everybody!

Well, last night I went to the Fall of Troy concert in Seattle, and they were amazing as always. Took a lot of pics and video.

# 10 jason8ooo @ 12/31/05 06:51 PM
Looks sweet Diesel, nice and close too.
# 11 dieselboy @ 12/31/05 07:04 PM
Originally Posted by jason8ooo
Looks sweet Diesel, nice and close too.
Eh, some turned out ok.

I have taken much better at different shows.

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