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TVG has posted a Q&A session with Gavin Raeburn, Executive Producer of TOCA Race Driver 3.
TVG: "There are so many improvements, new additions to the version currently in development, why such a monumental leap forward? Is it all part of the evolutionary cycle of the series?"
Gavin: "The racing genre is very competitive so we never hold back on new or fresh ideas that we could include in the series. The evolutionary expansion of the series helps with this as once areas of the game get introduced and locked down, they can then be expanded upon in future versions. Just look at how comprehensive our on-line modes and options are in TOCA Race Driver 2006 to see how far this has progressed since TOCA Race Driver."

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# 1 Kruza @ 01/05/06 09:06 AM
The TOCA series features one of the most (if not the most) advanced damage simulation in a racing videogame; perhaps you could elaborate on what enhancements TRD2006 features?

We've made quite a few mechanical and visual improvements. Mechanically, impacts on the engine bay are going to affect how well the engine works. Damage to the radiator or repeated over-revving, especially at slow speeds with little airflow over the radiator, will all lead to overheating and can mean retiring to the pits. Dirt from the road can also inhibit the effectiveness of the cooling process. Players that really punish the car will have to keep their fingers crossed that the engine lasts the race.


What's in store for the online multiplayer?

We've spent a lot of time improving and adding to the multi-player element of the game, especially due to the success we enjoyed last time round, with the online community really getting involved with TOCA. First of all, we've implemented a full online flags and rules system. We also have online practice and qualifying sessions and players can adjust these along with race rules and flags to create the experience they require.

The rating system has also been revamped and improved and we now all players to have a separate driver rating for every single championship in the game, a rating for each of the six disciplines and an overall rating. Players will also be able to access online leader-boards which show the best lap times for every track, in every championship.

In addition we have implemented an online spectator mode, where players in the lobby can watch the race as it progress and we have also added an online-only mode called elimination, where players can compete in any championship with the last placed driver after each lap being eliminated.


# 2 Steve_OS @ 01/05/06 09:13 AM
Yeah, I'm looking forward to this game in a BIG way. I loved TOCA 2 and actually still play it.

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