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Which Xbox 360 game are you looking forward to the most?

Here are the results from our last poll:

For those of you that have an Xbox 360, how would you grade it?

A - 45.21%
B - 27.85%
C - 13.64%
D - 3.38%
F - 9.92%

Voters: 887

Member Comments
# 1 vinny @ 01/08/06 11:17 AM
Has to be CH2K6
# 2 luv_mist @ 01/08/06 01:28 PM
That is a great lineup right there if you consider it all. I'd definitely have to say College Hoops only because of the amount of unlimited fun I'll have. Sucks that we have nothing to share files like Action Replay for the 360, but I'm definitely going to enjoy every moment of that game. I'm also looking forward to that baseball joint and Rumble Roses. Guess it's time to save up more money.......
# 3 jerk @ 01/09/06 12:25 AM
# 4 Behindshadows @ 01/09/06 02:06 AM
College Hoops 2k6 hands down....
# 5 forensicd @ 01/09/06 09:07 AM
fight night seems like it would be a great rental, but not long term. College hoops is a must own for me, cant wait. Wish they wouldnt have moved it back, becuase i passed on the xbox version and its killing me waiting.
# 6 rock85 @ 01/09/06 12:59 PM
MLB2K6 and Fight Night
# 7 10spro @ 01/11/06 09:26 PM
FNR3 looked good on the 360 demo, but I also look forward to the online versio of Topspin 2.
# 8 The GIGGAS @ 01/11/06 09:29 PM
CH... hands down.

Although I will give MLB a try. Top Spin is the only other game that looks attractive to me.
# 9 SLAYER @ 01/13/06 10:42 AM
I'm a 2K guy, but never really got into MLB 2K5 or the World Series games after 2003, so losing (pro) MVP was a blow for me. Anywho:

1) Fight Night Round 3 (Tie)
1) College Hoops 2K6 (Tie)
2) MLB 2K6
3) Rumble Roses XX -- Wrestling games are usually fun. If they improved the play engine for this, I'll probably enjoy it.
4) Top Spin 2 -- I loved the first Top Spin, but in April I'll be focused on getting PS3 pre-order money together.
# 10 Lintyfresh85 @ 01/13/06 12:16 PM
Top Spin 2, my roommate plays for the school team, and I've been playing Top Spin with him lately, and it's actually fun, so Top Spin 2 interest me the most.
# 11 Jager @ 01/18/06 12:21 PM
any sort of sports game would be nice for the 360 right now.
# 12 03MstGT290 @ 02/22/06 04:02 PM
It's got to be College Hoops 2k6 because the original xbox game really ruined the excitement of the game. The field goal attempted glitch destroyed it.

I'm hoping that CH2k6 will be fixed...which could be true due to the game being delayed 2 or 3 times.

My 2nd choice is Major League Baseball 2k6. Go Reds!!
# 13 Quint75 @ 02/22/06 04:48 PM
I would be really looking forward to CH2k6 if I didn't get it a while back for the original Xbox. I really don't think I'll buy any of those games, though I'd be interested in checking out Fight Night 3, CH2K6 and Top Spin 2 for a little while. Probably just not a purchase. I already have a pre-order in for the distinctively non-sports Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Like I'll ever have the time that you need to invest in that monster...

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