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TVG has posted their hands on preview of TOCA Race Driver 3.
"Despite several tweaks and glitches, TOCA Race Driver 3 is shaping up to the challenge of evolving the hugely successful franchise. Already it's plain to see that Codemasters has expanded the amount of game to play in the offline modes, which seems plentiful enough, but with the continued implementation of multiplayer online gameplay it seems that TOCA 3 has the potential to be played for a long time after its initial release at the end of next month. It certainly won't have quite the depth of visual realism that some might have become accustomed to in recent months, but it may well prove to be the last good racer of the current generation. We'll have further coverage on TOCA Race Driver 3 shortly..."

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# 1 Kruza @ 01/11/06 09:12 AM
TOCA Race Driver 3 further improves the level of simulation with the introduction of a full flag system, which besides acknowledging when crashes occur, also manages to resolve an issue that seems to have dogged racing titles for years - cutting corners. Gaining an advantage by cutting corners during time trials and qualifying nullifies that lap, whilst other race types will see addition penalty times added, which can blow any chance of victory up in smoke. It's a feature that has been cried out for over the years, especially with the advent of online gaming, and will hopefully be implemented by other racing genres in the future. Such features (including driving in the wrong direction and careless driving) can be switched off at the options stage, but seeing that the game is a sim it's probably best to leave everything in the default 'On' position.

Great news. The addition of these features in racing games has been looooong overdue.


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