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  • Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360 - 89/100)
    "In all, PGR3 presents an extremely attractive package to any current or future 360 owner. Itís the premier racing franchise on the console, one of the best graphical showcases there is, and one of the best online components you can find anywhere. For a first-generation 360 title, itís a pretty impressive offering, even considering the fact that the career mode is a bit shorter than PGR2. Every 360 owner would do well to have a copy of PGR3 on the shelf Ė thereís simply no substitute."
  • Tony Hawk American Sk8land (DS - 85/100)
    "Tony Hawk just hasnít gotten any love from the handheld audience up to this point. With American Sk8land, however, that is likely to change. This is a great representation of the series, with very attractive visuals and a robust collection of maps and tricks, and itís pretty amazing that Vicarious Visions managed to turn this one around so handily. It plays like Tony Hawk and itís portableódoes anything else need to be said?"

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