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Dan's team won the basketball game yesterday by 20. They were only up 1 at the half, but one of our guards started to light it up. He hit 4 three pointers in a row, I think he made 7 of them in the second half, he just couldn't miss. Hopefully he can keep it rolling going into the next game, the playoffs are coming in a couple weeks.

I'm going to attempt to see if I can get my 360 to see my PC today, which leads us to todays "Question of the Day". Any tips are welcomed.

Question of the Day: Do you have your Xbox 360 connected to your PC to view pictures, listen to music and watch videos?

In other news...Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
BrianK232 (32), Havoc3 (29), cactusruss (27), Staind_2020 (23), GoBucksHwak47 (18)

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# 1 SPTO @ 01/29/06 09:20 AM
Welp can't answer that question....

Good morning i'm noticing significant slowdown on the boards. I don't know if its on my part or whatnot. At least it's a lot better then it was a few hours ago.

Last night I watched IN COLD BLOOD. What a great movie! Robert Blake does a tremendous job of portraying Perry Smith. It's a very nuanced role and is easily the best performance of his career. The movie is a bit slow and boring for the first 20 minutes. I thought I was gonna fall asleep but I made it out of that slow patch and i'm glad I did. This film easily earns its 4 stars.

I think the current movie CAPOTE is about how Truman Capote researched the book of the same title so I may just have to go and see it this week.

Other then that, i've been watching the past NFL films highlights of previous SBs. I don't know what else i'm doing today. Quite frankly I think i'll stay home as it's a miserable, cold, rainy day. That's a huge contrast from yesterday where it felt like an early spring day and not a cloud was in the sky.
# 2 Victor99 @ 01/29/06 10:05 AM
Good morning all. Everything is good so far. I'm still getting settled into my new home in Virginia. 3 weeks into my new job as a Firefighter Paramedic for Fairfax County Fire and Rescue. It's gonna take time to adjust, adapt, and assimilate but I'll be alright. Not using my Xbox 360 for anything else except to play games and watch DVDs so I really can't anwser your question Steve. Sorry. Really pumped for the Xbox 360 early 06 lineup. CH2K6, FNR3, Top Spin 2, MLB2K6, and Oblivion.
# 3 ExtremeGamer @ 01/29/06 11:02 AM
I do Steve, my background is actually a picture of my wife and I...how cute! LOL

Not much going on here, going to my niece's 1st birthday party today and coming home to watch the Royal Rumble. It's always my favorite wrestling PPV.

Did you get Need for Speed?
# 4 SoMiss2000 @ 01/29/06 11:14 AM
Morning. Just got in from church! First Sunday in a long time where no football will be played...sigh.

Yes, my 360 is linked with my PC. I can stream music and view the pictures. I don't have a media center PC so videos are out for now.

No football, so I guess I'll catch up on some Kameo. I haven't played it in a couple weeks now.

That's all for now.
# 5 Acid @ 01/29/06 11:17 AM
I feel like that NFL commercial with all the guys in the supermarket..

"A sunday without football; is not one I like to know"

Probably not doing much today, I'm not really sure, all I know is I don't have school tomorrow.
# 6 rspencer86 @ 01/29/06 12:08 PM
My roommate, David, has a 360, but the Missouri School of Journalism required Apple laptops/desktops this year, so that puts the 360 to PC connectivity out of the question.

David (a huge Razorbacks fan from Springdale, AR) is also pissed that the local CBS is showing the Indiana - Minnesota game instead of Arkansas - Kentucky. Guess he better fire up the gamecast or something.

Nothing much to do today besides some statistics and sociology homework. I'll probably fit in a game or two of my NBA 2k6 Bulls franchise.


P.S. - That Toyota truck video was pretty awesome, lol.
# 7 The GIGGAS @ 01/29/06 12:15 PM
Yeah, but I don't really do much with the connection.

Woke up at 12:30, and was almost immediately sucked into the tempest that is LSUFan's latest post.

I need to take a shower cause my aunt's coming... my grandfather is going to have some surgery soon (not actually sure when) and it's my grandmother's birthday on Tuesday, but we're celebrating it today.

Well, yup.
# 8 yungmac1 @ 01/29/06 12:17 PM
Man I watched that toyota video and all I got to say is ford would have been done after the wrecking ball. Unbelivable .
# 9 RustedWalleye @ 01/29/06 12:23 PM
That Toyota video is flat out cool. I have seen this guy also take a car and park it behind a 747 and see how far it would fly when the engines fired up.
# 10 forensicd @ 01/29/06 01:00 PM
I just bought a media center PC, and would like to hook it up as well to the 350. Problem I am having is i have a 4 port ethernet hub, and when i hook in the xbox, eveyrthing stops working and says i have an IP address error. I need some help!

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