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CheatCodeCentral has posted their review of Torino Winter Olympics 2006, giving it a 2.4 out of 5.
"With no opening or closing ceremonies, or otherwise flashy presentation, the game is as boring to look at as it is to play. Granted, the graphics look good when static but the animation, especially of the characters, is stiff and choppy. It looks like the Special Olympics for Rusted Tinmen. The commentary is delivered in a flat, boring tone that would make Leonard Cohen sound exciting. (See: Obscure references 101) Not only are the announcements stale sounding, but they provide nothing in terms of information, only vague and arbitrary comments - many of them reduced to one word. And if that wasn't enough, they are repeated endlessly. The crowd sounds are also on a loop and abruptly kick in and out like a comedy skit gag. It's just too bad there's nothing intentionally funny about this game."

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