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Seriously, did anyone other than Steeler fans enjoy this Super Bowl? Other than that nifty trick play by the Steelers, I thought the game was boring and not exciting at all. I'm usually amped up to watch the Super Bowl, no matter who plays, but for some strange reason I just couldn't get into this one. Even the commercials sucked and don't even get me started on the Rolling Stones halftime show.

Oh well, Dan has a game tonight that they really need to win. They need to get some confidence boosting wins heading into the playoffs. It's a late game starting at almost 9:00, which sucks, but what can ya do.

Ugh, it's freakin' Monday.

Question of the Day: What did you think of the Super Bowl and the commercials?

In other news...
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 02/06/06 08:57 AM
Awful game, awful halftime show, awful commercials. Only ones I liked was the paddles with the fly (no clue on the company, where they killed the fly), and the Fed Ex commercial.

We got belted with snow, so I'm at home today using my weather day. It was nice sleeping in and now just relaxing.

Nothing much going on besides that.
# 2 Sully @ 02/06/06 08:58 AM
Ah, the Super Bowl. Sloppy, ugly, terrible, boring...take your pick. It was one of the worst games I've seen in a long time. Maybe it's just me, but the Super Bowl doesn't carry the mystique that it did 15 years ago. I don't know what it is...
# 3 fishepa @ 02/06/06 09:03 AM
I found it boring as well, although I'm glad the Steelers won.
# 4 ehh @ 02/06/06 09:04 AM
Super Bowl = worst one I can remember besides the Dallas/Buffalo slaughters. But at least Dallas was a GREAT team back then.

I didn't even go to my boy's party at his apartment because I knew the game would be terrible. Neither team is that great, both played sloppy and made a ton of mistakes. It was just who made the least mistakes won. Dropped passes, penalties, awful turnovers. Expansion, parity and mediocrity have really brought down the NFL in the last 5 years, IMO.

The commercials were as bad as they've ever been, the "magical fridge" commercial was the only one that even got a grin out of me.

Colin Cowherd is absolutely going off on the officials right now. The officiating was definatley awful, but you can't say it cost the Seahawks the game because they still had their opportunities. About the offensive pass interference, the holding penalty, the Roethlesburger TD. All pretty ehh calls, IMO, and Cowherd is blasting them.

Besides that it was an a good weekend though.
# 5 Herbsinator @ 02/06/06 09:06 AM
Totally agree with you on the Super Bowl, Steve. Just a bad performance by all parties involved. I thought ABC's coverage sucked, too.

Not doing much today...Class, class, class, then work.
# 6 greenegt @ 02/06/06 09:09 AM
The Super Bowl was the capper on an unusually mediocre NFL postseason. There was just no pop to it, this year. The bad officiating didn't help matters, as it stifled a lot of potential game-changing plays. Well, it's all said and done, now. Congrats to the Steelers and Steeler-nation. Now, let's see if my Mets can do something this year.
# 7 Skerik @ 02/06/06 09:11 AM
Lousy Super Bowl. Two big plays, several blown calls, and otherwise a real snore-fest. And, perhaps most disappointingly, the commercials sucked too.

Except for Nova hoops, I'm pretty much ready for baseball to start....
# 8 fishepa @ 02/06/06 09:14 AM
The Fedex commercial was my favorite. The other ones were not that good.
# 9 scuiuc @ 02/06/06 09:19 AM
Game sucked overall. I am glad that the Seahawks didn't win it. Did anybody feel that these were really the two best teams?

As for the commercials,the magic fridge was decent. Has it only been in recent years that we've gotten movie commercials as well? I certainly don't remember them as a kid growing up.

Didn't watch the halftime show. Should've ordered the Lingerie bowl instead.
# 10 poster @ 02/06/06 09:32 AM
Game was terrable. I could care less about the commercials. The Stones halftime was a joke. I watched about 3 minutes of it and laughed my *** off and walked away to fix something. The only good thing about the game was eating a lot of food. Congrats to the Steelers fan here at OS. Just thought it was the worst Super Bowl I can remember in the 22 years I have watched.
# 11 mjb2124 @ 02/06/06 09:36 AM
Obviously I liked the Super Bowl, but I agree that it was a very sloppy game. Wasn't boring for me, but I can certainly see why others without a rooting interest would think so.

I said it in the Super Bowl thread, but that was one of the worst games I've seen the Steelers play in a while. Anyone who watched them in the playoffs against Cincy, Indy and Denver knows they're a much better team than they showed on the field. So yes I think the Steelers were the best team to come out of the AFC this year. They just played a terrible game.

With that said, I still think the Baltimore/Giants Super Bowl was one of the worst I've ever watched. Very lackluster game overall IMO despite a very good Baltimore defense.
# 12 ezekiel55 @ 02/06/06 09:43 AM
I think ABC's coverage was terrible. No stat overlays or anything for that matter. I didn't even realize Shaun Alexander had 95 yards rushing until I watched ESPN later.

Good riddance to ABC having the Super Bowl!
# 13 Sancheezy @ 02/06/06 09:52 AM
I have to agree with the crowd here. This super bowl was far from Super!

And the commercials, ehhh.. I liked most of the Bud Light ones. The go daddy.com one was a waste of time. And the Pepsi ones were so not worth what they paid for them.

But hey at least the jayhawks pulled one of against Oklahoma!!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk....
# 14 PdiddyPop @ 02/06/06 10:06 AM
It was ehh, but the team I rooted for won. Namely, because it's my fiance's fav team. As for the commericals the only ones that made me laugh were the one.....where the guy got pelted with the cell phone, and a older one....the one where the guy get's his shot blocked and it nails him in the face. Other than that the SB sucked.

Still have a 101.3 fever, and coughing every 3 mins just about. Yet gotta go to work, because now even a doct's note can get you fired. I blame the HS kids for calling out all the f'n time.

Countdown until Duke, and I invade UNX's Dead Dome..................1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 15 RockyTop1 @ 02/06/06 10:10 AM

Check out the video of this banned 360 video commercial, pretty funny IMO
# 16 nyisles16 @ 02/06/06 10:15 AM
boring game - actually fell asleep during the first half at my g/f's house.. commericals were lame except for the FedEx commerical, the Careerbuilder.com commericals, & the Bud commericals (especially with the "streaker").. i was going to start an investigation as to the missing offense in the game.. ugh.. oh & the "censored" Stones were horrible- bad audio, bad singing... (they were on a 5 sec delay & two lyrics were edited out)... oh well.. wait till next year... glad to see the Bus go out on top though...
# 17 pinnacleguy2 @ 02/06/06 10:43 AM
The game was terrible....the officials did a good job of ruining it. I've talked to some people who said they actually almost fell asleep during the game this year. Hopefully next year it will be more exciting and this group of referees won't ever be allowed to partake in another super bowl ever again!
# 18 plasticbeast @ 02/06/06 11:53 AM
I agree with everyone... "Sloppy bowl"... At least there is college BBAll to watch for the next month or so.
# 19 forensicd @ 02/06/06 12:03 PM
I have never been bored with a superbowl in my 30 years on this earth, but i actually turned on the simpsons and family guy for most of the game if that tells you how bad it was. There were no superstar performances (besides my boy ARE from IU!), and the refs made the game about as lackluster as possible. They called fouls that wouldnt be called in middle school, let alone on the biggest stage in the world. The commericals were not bad, but the fed ex one i didnt care for at all.

Hard to believe the season is over already, seemed like it just started. They really need to add more games to the schedule, take out some pre-season games, add 2 more to the regular season. The season begins in mid september, and usually by end of november, most of the spots are filled for the playoffs. I think they need to get read of the bye week in the first round, as well as before the superbowl. Either add another team to the playoffs, or take one out. Bye weeks are scams, especially when it comes down to 1 team getting a bye because they have a better record in the afc/nfc than the other. Not really fare in my book. Eliminate the bye, let all the teams play the same amount of games.
# 20 CM Hooe @ 02/06/06 12:13 PM
In my opinion, the Super Bowl wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the world's best game, either. Obviously both teams could have played better. The one thing that's bothering me is how much people are complaining about the refs. Pittsburgh won the game on their own merits, and Seattle didn't play well enough to win. Falling back on the excuse of poor officiating, which in my opinion there wasn't, is just using a crutch, and not giving the Steelers their due.

The commercials in the first half, in my opinion, were better than the ones in the second half, especially the cavemen Fedex one. Oh, and the Stones during half-time were really bad, too.

Today I just have classes, classes, and more classes. Fun!

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