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We have just posted our interview with Eddy Cramm, Sr. Designer for MLB ’06: The Show.
Operation Sports: "Have you improved the CPU pitcher control? What does the ball/strike ratio look like?"
Eddy Cramm: "This is something that we continue to improve on a yearly basis. We base our pitchers’ pitch selections and locations on actual statistical information. You will see that pitchers who are commonly aggressive or pitchers who try to make a batter chase will be reflected that way in our game as well. So the better you know your opposing pitcher’s true life strategy, the better prepared you are to face him in MLB 06: The Show. We also have added a feature in our CPU options menu called ‘Pitch Count’. You can affect the CPU’s choices to try and pitch more aggressively or nibble the corners with this adjuster."

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# 1 ericjwm @ 02/07/06 06:07 PM
Thanks Steve.
Been anxiously awaiting these interview questions for a long time.
# 2 TIm @ 02/07/06 06:13 PM
Thank you. That was a great interview. While some may not like all the answers I feel the Sony Rep answered truthfully. If they asked a question the man didn't jump around the subject. I am really looking forward to this game.
# 3 thunder666 @ 02/07/06 10:07 PM
good job steve !!!
# 4 Steve_OS @ 02/08/06 02:08 PM
This answer was updated.

Operation Sports: Is there a fielding mode that allows players to control the throws without having to control defensive player movement?

Eddy Cramm: Yes, we do have that option. In our gameplay options we have a full list of adjustments that you can make depending on your preferences. Fielding Assist has three options alone. Manual, Auto, and Assist. Assist will start to lead the play in the correct direction but requires you to take over the action early on in the play. Those options can be combined with our Auto Throwing option (ON/OFF) to get the desired control. We also include Auto Baserunning and Auto Sliding as options as well.
# 5 Mr.Blackace @ 02/13/06 09:56 PM
Nice read. One thing I didn't notice was progression of players from the minors. Any word on how players will grow through the systems?

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