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  • Arena Football (Xbox - 2.5/5)
    "The gameplay in Arena Football is also messy and unpolished in parts. While the overall control scheme works well enough, kicking long range field goals through the notoriously tight uprights is far too simple. The limited playbook also gives the game a stale feeling and the half baked telemetry system fails to save the gameplay with largely unimportant statistical minutia delivered in eye-straining small fonts and obnoxious menus."
  • World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 International (PS2 - 4.5/5)
    "With such a stellar predecessor, it's hard to create a standout sequel. Winning Eleven's online mode and new pro league teams are an added plus--but at this point fans of FIFA won't likely break ranks, especially when the improvements are becoming more minute and subtle. Alliances may change, however, with the Xbox 360 rendition of this rich soccer simulator."
  • Arena Football (PS2 - 2.5/5)
    "Even if EA had done a respectable job of adapting the sport, the success of Arena Football still would have been uncertain, since the atypical 8-on-8 rules and fifty yard playing field can make for an understandably unpopular playing experience. If you absolutely must own Arena Football, do yourself a favor and at least wait until it inevitably fills up the discount trade-in bargain bins this winter."

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