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Gaming Target has posted their review of NBA 06, giving it a 6 out of 10.
"NBA 06 is a tale of features over gameplay and that's kinda sad seeing how skimpy the feature set is. The Life is a cool, innovative new movement for basketball games, but it's ruined by a boring beginning and downright terrible professional basketball. It's just not a good game, especially with NBA Live and NBA 2Kx out there doing its thing far better than this game. There's a whole lot of potential here, but it's a matter of Sony getting their butts out there and doing something to make people switch from its superior 3rd party compeititon. The PlayStation 3 is near, so I really, truly hope that SCEA can bring NBA 07 to that console that really capitalizes on that potential and delivers something special. Once upon a time Sony's sports division was giving EA all it could handle...hopefully history can eventually repeat itself. It just won't repeat with games like this."

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