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The Game Feed has posted their review of Madden NFL 06, giving it their "Skip It!" rating.
"If you couldnít tell, Iím not too happy with this latest edition of the Madden franchise. Yea, they may be little things, but they all add up to a whole lot for me. When games cost you $10 extra dollars, you expect more, not less. Overall I really think this is a step backwards for Madden games. Itís hard to understand how the Xbox 360 version fell so short while the current-generation consoles succeeded so well. Thatís why for this game, you should definitely, Skip It. If youíre a hardcore Madden fan, they youíre probably not reading this review. Youíve most likely already bought this game and are playing it right now. But, for the rest of you, if you just play football games on occasion, then thereís nothing here thatíll draw you in. If anything, go buy the Xbox version."

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