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  • ToCA Race Driver 3 Review (Xbox - 8.8/10)
    "ToCA Race Driver 3 builds upon the success of the previous games of the franchise, which makes it a must have for the fans of this pretty unique series. Those that donít consider themselves hardcore about motorsports probably wonít get the point of ToCA Race Driver 3, and will more than likely be paying money for additional frustration in their lives."
  • TOCA Race Driver 3's Damage Engine In Action (Xbox)
    "The TOCA series has pioneered the use of damage visuals and physics so gamers can experience the reality of what happens when they donít remain in total control of a 500bhp race car. TOCA Race Driver 3ís advanced Terminal Damage Engine is hugely rich in its visuals thanks to incredible particle effects and physics that affect the carís handling and ultimately race results."

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