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  • FIFA Street 2 Hands On Preview (GC)
    "Using the new found tricks from the Skills Challenge opens up a whole new range of moves in the main modes of the game, where they're given their own class: Juggle Tricks. The 'Beat Tricks' of the original title of course return and continue to be exceptionally useful tool, but the Juggle Tricks (which are activated with two shoulder buttons and the right stick) add an extra layer of one-upmanship to proceedings; allowing gamers to really humiliate the opposition."
  • Rugby 06 Review (PS2 - 7/10)
    "If Rugby 06 is anything to go by, then future iterations of the franchise will only continue to get stronger and better, since this is by far the best rugby game to date. The flow of the game is more realistic than ever before, with the introduction of offloads, and quick penalties/line-outs working together to bring the game closer to the modern sport of rugby. True enough the visuals aren't as strong as in any of EA's other sports titles, but even so, they remain an improvement over previous years. There's still work to be done but Rugby 06 is a definite step in the right direction and for rugby fans this really should be the title of choice."

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