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Dan's rescheduled playoff games start and end today. Wish em' luck!

Other than a few chores to do around the house, I won't be up to much today. I'll probably swing by my parents house after the game(s).

Anyone else play that 24/7 mode in NBA 2K6 or is it just me? LOL.

Question of the Day: How many games do you buy/rent per month?

In other news...Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
bellz666 (31), Soccernut28 (30), GOBIGRED05 (26), iverson3layup (19)

Enough about me, what's up with you?

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# 1 The GIGGAS @ 02/18/06 09:53 AM
Hey everyone.

My girlfriend is coming over at 3. I'm planning on renting King Kong for the long weekend, but then I just remembered that my BB doesn't have any 360 games. Still.

Luckily I have Gamefly, but it wouldn't get here. So I figure I'm just going to finish the one-player campaign of COD2, and then try to get as far as I can in the Veteran mode.

I have posted another article, this one is about Marcus Vick, and it's on my blog. I've gotten compliments from people that don't get into sports as much as me, saying "I felt like I was reading the newspaper."

Sorry for the plug, btw. It's also snowing and sticking here. Have a good day everyone.
# 2 SPTO @ 02/18/06 10:35 AM
I enjoyed the article on Vick

A glorious day here today but it's colder then a witch's teat! Anywho i'll be intently watching Paul Tracy's debut in a stock car as he'll be racing in the Busch race today.

QOTD: hmm I rent about 2 games a month.
# 3 The GIGGAS @ 02/18/06 10:54 AM
Originally Posted by SPTO
I enjoyed the article on Vick
Thanks, man. It's great to see that people are enjoying what I write.
# 4 nyisles16 @ 02/18/06 11:07 AM
howdy all.. just a cold day here today.. just watched Canada lose to the Swiss in hockey.. nice blog Giggas.. playing SW Empire at War right now - so far it's good (except never send a group of 5 x wings against 50+ tie fighters)... oops.. as far as buying/renting, it varies.. i would say on average one, but if it's a good month maybe 2-3 (also trade in older games too).. right now i am considering whether to pick up a ps2 next month for MLB the show & Smackdown game...
# 5 bergie56 @ 02/18/06 11:36 AM
Whats up everyone?

Last night was pure gaming heaven! I borrowed a projector from work for the weekend and hooked up my 360 via VGA cables to it. It looked gorgeous with a 60 inch screen. Playing 4 player split screen was awesome because each persons screen was bigger than my TV! I think we played COD 2 and drank beer for 7 hours last night. Tonight will be more of the same! Im pretty psyched for it!
# 6 RCTfansMal818 @ 02/18/06 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by SteveOS
Question of the Day: How many games do you buy/rent per month?
None per month. Last year it was like 1 or 2 per month.
# 7 dieselboy @ 02/18/06 03:13 PM
Goooooooooo DAN!
# 8 VanCitySportsGuy @ 02/18/06 03:50 PM
Nice Hockey Fights Compilation video.

I felt a little uneasy watching Jovo knock out Deadmarsch because that was the fight that pretty much ended his career. And of course the Bertuzzi/Moore incident was also hard to watch.

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